New course: Exploring the Bramha-Viharas

Join me at Shine Om Yoga Studio for a brand new 4-Week course exploring the Brahma-Viharas, the traditional Buddhist attitudes of equanimity, empathetic joy, compassion and loving kindness toward all beings. Known as the ‘four immeasurables’ these powerful heart-centered meditations develop the highest human qualities and act as balms and antidotes against destructive emotions, enabling a deep realization […]

March: Yaza – All Night Meditation Session

Join me at the Mill House for a Yaza, a special all-night session of traditional sitting and walking meditation. A Yaza is the Zen practice of ‘extra sitting’ and refers to the practice of meditating through the night, above and beyond the daily routine. It’s a unique opportunity to sit with your mind and body as […]

November: 6-week Mindfulness Training Course

**Course Now Full** I cannot recommend Mike’s course enough. I do believe it was the best thing I have ever done for myself, my mind and my sense of place in (and as part of) the Universe. – Lorcan. Mindfulness is an ancient yet profound method of mind-training backed by cutting edge neuroscience. This 6-week […]

September: Mindfulness Day Retreat

Join Mindfulness Teacher and author Mike Kewley for a day of inspiring wisdom stories, sitting and walking meditation, discussions and fantastic food. Held at the Mill House, a 500-year-old building situated in the beautiful Fairy Glen, Santon. This special one-day retreat is a perfect way to learn more about the power of Mindfulness, discover a […]

November: Silent Residential Mindfulness Retreat

Sit Still, Be Quiet, Go Within. Join Mindfulness Teacher, TEDx Speaker and Author Mike Kewley, for a weekend of traditional silent sitting and walking meditation, and take a deep dive into your True Nature. Whether you are on a journey of self-exploration, seeking Enlightenment, or developing your meditation practice, this weekend retreat is a rare […]

Tai Chi and the Art of Mindfulness

Join Master Raymond Wun and Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley and discover how to enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing through the ancient art of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Mindfulness Meditation. Held at the beautiful Knock Rushen House, overlooking Castletown Bay, this day-retreat will allow you to slow down and attune to the present moment, […]

The Buddha’s Body: A Journey into Embodied Mindfulness

This very body is the Buddha– Zen Master Hakuin. How do you relate to your body? For many of us our experience of this body is filtered through a life-time of thoughts, memories, stories and beliefs which limit us in some way. We don’t feel the body, we think it. Yet once we dive beneath […]

Silent Residential Mindfulness Retreat

DISCOVER THE POWER OF SILENCE This retreat completely changed the way I perceive life, death, those around me and my true self. Magic in its purest form.– Lou. Join Mindfulness Teacher, TEDx Speaker and Author Mike Kewley, for a weekend of traditional silent sitting and walking meditation, and take a deep dive into your True […]

Workshop: How to Be Happy

The secret is out – wellbeing is not accidental. In fact, we can actively train our minds to be happy, calm and kind. In this special 2 hour workshop I will explore the fascinating science of happiness, flow-states and concentration, offering 3 simple yet profound practices to cultivate focus, interconnectivity, gratitude and wonder. This workshop […]

Mindfulness for Kids & Teens

1-2-1 Sessions For Kids and Teens Now Available Mindfulness skills allow children to access their own inner happiness, resilience and calm, wherever, whenever. I am now offering 1-2-1 sessions for children and teens interested in discovering simple and effective tools to navigate thoughts, emotions and situations. Regular mindfulness practice can help young people to; – […]