Join me at Shine Om Yoga Studio for a brand new 4-Week course exploring the Brahma-Viharas, the traditional Buddhist attitudes of equanimity, empathetic joy, compassion and loving kindness toward all beings.

Known as the ‘four immeasurables’ these powerful heart-centered meditations develop the highest human qualities and act as balms and antidotes against destructive emotions, enabling a deep realization of the interconnectivity of self and world.

This 4-week course is ideal for anyone interested in developing their mental and emotional well-being and enhancing positive emotions. It would also benefit meditators drawn to the power of compassion training, as well as those whose meditation practice has become stuck, sterile and dry.

Start Date: Sunday 28th April 2024

Time: 2pm – 3.30pm

Location: Shine Om Yoga Studio, Douglas.

Price: £120.00

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