Join me every Thursday evening from 19.30 – 21.00 (UK time) for a live exploration of Mindfulness, Embodiment, Non-Duality and Awakening.

I always enjoy the opportunity to sit with and engage with fellow seekers. I also enjoy Mike’s words of wisdom! They often get me thinking about my practice.

– Kevin, UK

Mike is absolutely brilliant. He’s calm, open, authoritative yet lighthearted, and always has an answer for any question the group throws at him, no matter how random. I always feel much better after a session, and I’ve noticed I’m starting to be calmer in my everyday life too. Highly recommended.

– Jane, France

Mike’s Zoom group has become a weekly highlight for me. I especially enjoy the guided meditations and the moments of deep stillness they allow for. I also love the informal atmosphere and listening to other people’s insights and reflections.

– Leonie, Germany

Attending the weekly Zoom sessions provides me with the opportunity to spend time with Mike and also be with people that are on the same path of discovering one’s true ‘Self’. Mike’s guided meditation is an amazing experience that leads to incredible insights and a feeling of peace and stillness within that is beyond words. Highly recommended.

– Mahendran, Australia

For those interested in Mindfulness, Embodiment, Transformation, Non-duality and Enlightenment, I’ve created a new online community where people from all over the world can meet together on zoom, each Thursday evening from 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm (UK time).

Each meeting begins with a short talk, followed by a 45-minute guided meditation exploring breath, body and being, with time for questions, comments and discoveries at the end.

To register for these new weekly live teachings please follow the link below to make a monthly donation of £20.00. Your membership to this new community includes an audio recording of each session to listen back to you in our own time.

Once you have subscribed I will email you the link to join the next zoom meeting. I look forward to seeing you then!