The Treasure House: Discovering Enlightenment Exactly Where You are

I am very happy to announce that my first book The Treasure House – Discovering Enlightenment Exactly Where You Are has just been published by New Sarum Press and is available  is now available to purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones,, and


Mike Kewley writes with beautiful clarity and simplicity about the beautiful clarity and simplicity of enlightenment itself. In entertaining vignettes based on his own experiences, he reminds us that spirituality illuminates the most ordinary aspects of life, filling them with wonder and beauty.

– Steve Taylor, author of Extraordinary Awakenings and The Adventure: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening.

“In this lean, distilled, very readable book, Mike offers an enlightening brew of mindfulness, radical nonduality, and Zen simplicity, all pointing us to the ordinary wonder that is right here, right now, just exactly as it is. A very clear, wise book that invites the reader to discover enlightenment exactly where you are. Very highly recommended.”

– Joan Tollifson, author of Awake in the Heartland; the Ecstasy of What Is, Nothing to Grasp, and Death: the end of self-improvement.

“Mike Kewley writes with the clarity of deep practice about the Perennial Wisdom teachings. His writing is wise yet light-hearted, always drawing the reader back to the magic in ordinary life.”

– Piers Moore Ede, author of Honey and Dust: Travels in Search of Sweetness, All Kinds of Magic: One Man’s Search for Meaning Across the Modern World, and Kaleidoscope City: A Year in Varanasi

The true power of Mike’s book is its ability to simply and elegantly demystify spirituality and get to the heart of the matter as to why many of us seek. It is an important and much needed work. One that I’m sure will leave a lasting impression on the reader.

– Zahir Khan, Spiritual Teacher and author of Falling into the Mystery.

“Mike Kewley speaks straight to the soul in every sentence of this absolute gift of a book resplendent with simple and, at the same time, life-transforming truths. The reader is left feeling as though they have stood under a gentle waterfall on a summer’s day: refreshed, enlivened and present. This book centres the reader firmly in the heart. It invites fresh understanding and savouring of the utter miracle of life and of self.”
– Dr Nicole Schnackenberg, Psychologist, Yoga teacher and author of Bodies Arising

Mike writes in a beautifully personal way as if he is in a conversation with the reader which makes his pointers of Truth so much more palatable and understandable.

– Canela Michelle Meyers, Best Selling Author of Right Here, Right Now Meditations – Satsang Invitations for Expanding Awareness

“After you’ve read all the nonduality books, attended all the retreats, and heard all the claims and confessions from the realizers and sages, you realize there’s nothing left except the reminders in The Treasure House. Now you find yourself at a luncheonette counter, and who’s sitting beside you? Mike Kewley eating a gratitude sandwich, and you gotta laugh and join him, and yes, you want fries with that, now you want fries, you want fries with everything.”

– Jerry Katz,, moderator of Nonduality Salon, author of Framing Emptiness, Nonduality Culture, Diunital Living, and One: Essential Writings on Nonduality.