1-2-1 Sessions For Kids and Teens Now Available

Mindfulness skills allow children to access their own inner happiness, resilience and calm, wherever, whenever. I am now offering 1-2-1 sessions for children and teens interested in discovering simple and effective tools to navigate thoughts, emotions and situations.

Regular mindfulness practice can help young people to;

– Enhance concentration skills which are critical for learning

– Reduce stress, overthinking and anxiety

– Create a sense of inner calm and stillness

– Improve sleep and relaxation

– Strengthen impulse control

– Improve emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-understanding

– Develop empathy, kindness and gratitude

Prices: 3 x 45 minute sessions – £180.00 / 6 x 45 minute sessions – £360.00

Location: The Ellan Vannin Chiropractic Clinic, 44 Westmoreland Road, Douglas.

How to Book: Call Mike on 07624 376856 or email hello@mikekewley.com

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