Corporate Mindfulness

Creating a Mindful Workplace

A healthy workplace is one in which employees are given the tools and opportunities to cultivate their own happiness, resilience and wellbeing. Such fundamental skills encourage a new perspective on both our working lives and our family lives, enabling us to perform to the best of our abilities without being overwhelmed by whatever life throws at us.

For companies interested in creating a Mindful working environment Mike offers presentations, workshops and courses designed to boost attention and productivity, emotional resilience and communication.

Presentation: Mindfulness in a Nut Shell

In this 60 minute introduction to Mindfulness I’ll introduce participants to the basics of this ancient practice, exploring the fascinating neuroscience of attention and how we can actively train ourselves to be happy and resilient. I’ll also lead everyone through a short practice to boost focus and calm, before answering any questions and suggesting practical ways to develop their mindfulness further.    

How to book: Please call Mike on 07624 376856 or email

Mindfulness in the Workplace Course

This 6-Week Mindfulness Training Programme is designed to introduce participants to a tool-kit of tried and tested practices with an expectation of changing their lives for the better. We’ll explore the basics of Mindfulness, develop a daily practice and spend time developing the following skill-set:

  • Concentration Power (Enhanced attention & focus).
  • Present Moment Awareness (Living here and now).
  • Metacognitive Awareness (Awareness of thoughts)
  • Mental Clarity and Calm (A still, spacious and silent mind)
  • Interoception (Awareness of our internal state, both physical and emotional).
  • Deep rest and relaxation (Experiencing the body as a safe, pleasant and restful place).
  • Cultivating Compassion, Good Will and Tolerance.
  • Developing Loving Kindness and access to Positive Emotion.
  • Boosting Emotional Resilience and Self-Care.
  • Recognising impermanence, change and flow as a flavour of reality.
  • Discovering the precious moment.
  • Introducing ‘See Hear Feel’ as a way to bring our Mindfulness skills into our work and family lives.

Each 50 minute session will explore a new technique to be practiced at home and there will be time for group discussion, questions and answers.

How to book: Please call Mike on 07624 376856 or email to arrange a course or for more information.

Corporate Clients

  • Pokerstars
  • Microgaming
  • KPMG
  • Appleby
  • Nedbank Private Wealth
  • Friends Provident International
  • Old Mutual International
  • Brightlife
  • MAC Group
  • ICM Group
  • Lloyds Bank
  • The Buchan School
  • QE2 High School
  • Castle Rushen High School
  • Ballakermeen High School
  • St. Ninian’s High School
  • King Williams College
  • The Children’s Centre
  • Garff Comissioners
  • Quinn Legal
  • Coin Corner
  • Equiom
  • Conister
  • Skanco
  • Simcocks
  • Netcetera
  • Barclays Bank
  • IOM Business Network
  • Zurich International Life
  • PDMS
  • Manx National Heritage
  • St Christopher’s Fellowship
  • Arthritis Care Ellan Vannin
  • Hospice IOM
  • The MS Society
  • The ME Society
  • Hopes and Dreams Nursery
  • Isle of Man Sport Aid

Client Testimonials

Mike delivered an extremely informative and valuable session for Quinn Legal staff. The information he gave was relevant and insightful, especially in a business context, and was easy to comprehend. The practice is something that many of our staff are hoping to continue in their own time. Thank you for raising this to our attention.

Quinn Legal

We just wanted to say thanks on behalf of the staff for the session yesterday. It was extremely useful and enjoyable. Everyone got something very positive from the experience. Thanks again.

 Garff Commissioners.

I approached the course needing a missing piece of life’s great puzzle, how to be happy , this weekend  before my final session, I can honestly say the course helped me do just that it’s a skill I’ll carry with me forever and for the moment I will forever cherish. I will be eternally grateful to mikes course, it will be the first of many moments because I can be the source now of my own happiness, and what a skill that is to be able to appreciate a moment, not only that but the moment left when I chose, I was happy for as long as I needed to be. Amazing, thank you mike.

The topics Mike discussed in the session were very relevant and relatable to everyday life. The session brought great value to me.

The scientific rationale and research was very interesting, and gave credence to what can sometimes be thought of as a hippy dippy idea. The science and examples that Mike gave really resonated.

Mike was an engaging and informative presenter. I appreciated the presentation and love that we work somewhere that focusses on building soft skills like this.

The science of mindfulness was very interesting but very straightforward it would seem. I am sure he has a much more in-depth relationship with how the brain works he had a great delivery and kept everyone focused

I like Mike’s authenticity and the fact that he is easy to relate to. His credibility in what he does comes from his ability to use it to change the personal difficulties he experienced in his own life. This shows how he has used Mindfulness to make a difference in his own life. I very much enjoyed the course and can think of others who could gain benefit.

The course has provided me with an awareness and therefore a choice of what I bring to my mind and the ability to step out of a situation/thought and evaluate things and make a conscious choice. I can truly say that it has been a fascinating insight into Mindfulness that I will use for the rest of my life.

I’ve picked up some very useful techniques to cope with some of the emotions I have been experiencing. I would definitely be interested in attending further sessions and have recommended Mike to friends.

I really enjoyed the course. I though that the opportunity to take some time to “brain train” was a useful exercise and something that I need to give myself more time to do in such a hectic world. It was certainly a calming session from the chaos of work.

I have felt that the process has been worthwhile and has helped me live in the moment and not in the past. Also, one of the exercises has helped me to sleep better. I have definitely been less of a stress head since I started this a few weeks ago.

I have has a text from my partner today commenting on how the Mindfulness training seems to be working well for me as I have a different attitude. I think the ability to take a step back from situations and my usual thoughts means I can view things differently. I have really enjoyed it and will definitely be using the techniques.

A totally new but worthwhile experience. Mike was very professional, approachable and his delivery was first class.

Mindfulness is changing my life. Realising that my thoughts (in their current condition) are not necessarily me, that they are not who I am, was quite an overwhelming and freeing awakening. Mike’s presentation was clear and comfortable and I felt free to go with whatever emotion or reaction that was stirred. I was especially encouraged by Mike’s honesty about his own past experiences, attesting to the certainty that you can change the way you think, that you can get rid of the chatter for good and ultimately tame the mind, which could open up all sorts of good things.