Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

Exploring Non-Duality

How can we live in a state of Oneness all that time? In this short talk, taken from my weekly online group, I answer a question about Non-Duality and explore why the duality we see all around us, isn’t really an obstacle at all.


A short talk about the idea of control, and how the Corona Virus epidemic present us with an opportunity to wake up to our precious lives.


Finding ourselves stuck at home with all of our stressors and triggers, can seem like a dead-end, but actually it can be a booster for our practice and lead the realisation that our own ordinary lives are the very things we are searching for.

What is Meditation?

Is meditation something we do in a quiet place with our eyes closed, or is it an approach to life itself, and all the ordinariness we find there?

You Don’t Have to Know Anything

Mindfulness is the practice of putting the mind down with all of it’s stories, memories, hopes and dreams. What remains, is what is.

The I Cannot See Itself

The method of self-inquiry does not show us what we are but reveals what we are not. When there’s nothing left, there you are!

It’s All You!

The dreams we experience each night are nothing but the creative display of our own minds. This waking moment is no different. Pop the bubble of small mind and marvel at the glory of Big Mind.

Relax into Life

We presume that we’re in charge of life and yet it doesn’t always do what we want it to. What happens when we let go of the need to control everything and everyone and relax into the flow of each moment, each breath, each cup of tea?

Three Questions to Measure Your Practice

How can we measure our spiritual progress? In this short talk I offer three questions to reveal our relationship to the mind, the body and life itself.

Awareness, knowing itself

First we recognise that everything comes and goes through our own vast open awareness. Then we recognise that our vast open awareness is appearing as everything.