Guided Mindfulness Practice

1) 5 Minute Mindfulness Check-In

Take just 5 minutes to stop, drop and tune into your present moment experience. This micro-practice can change your day, but also has the potential to change your life.

2) 10 Minute Breath Awareness Practice

Take 10 minutes to train your innate and life-changing qualities of present moment awareness, focus and calm.

3) 20 Minute Breath Awareness Practice

Move deeper into your present moment experience whilst developing focus, metacognitive attention, stillness and presence.

4) 20 Minute Body-Scan Practice

A guided practice to develop body-awareness,  access deep relaxation and work with physical or emotional discomfort.

5) 15 Minute Loving Kindness Practice

Purposefully develop positive and uplifting states of mind with this compassion training practice, generating the qualities of empathy, understanding and interconnectedness.

6) 20 Minute Mindfulness Practice

Go deeper into your sitting practice with this guided 20 minute practice. Track the breath, drop into the body and become aware of awareness.

7) 25 Minute Embodiment Practice

Drop away from your busy mind into the depths of the body. Feel into difficult and pleasant sensations and explore the body as open aware space, rather than a limited object.

8) 20 Minute Nurture Practice

Use this 20 minute guided meditation to discover and nurture positive sensations, emotions and mental states, and explore the heart-centre as a place to soak into.

9) 20 Minute Exploration of Interbeing

Are we really as separate from the world as we imagine? Explore this guided investigation of interbeing and taste the intimacy and non-duality of experience.

10) 25 Minute Meditation Exploring Impermanence

A meditation to recognise the impermanent nature of self and world using Shinzen Young’s “Gone” technique.

11) 28 Minute Meditation Exploring Nondual Awareness

A guided exploration of the sense of self, Awareness and the Nondual nature of experience.

12) 40 Minute Meditation: From Breath to Body and Being

A guided exploration of your present moment experience, shifting through the three gears of Breath-Awareness, Embodiment and Self-Inquiry.

13) A Short Meditation to Discover our Groundless Ground

Where are you right now? Are you located inside your head or your body? Are you a thought or emotion? Join me in this short exploration to discover your groundless ground.

Explore More Practices

Below are some more guided practices for your to explore, grouped into themes. Just click on the title to begin.

Short check-in practice (6 mins)

Breath Awareness practice 1 (9 mins)

Breath Awareness practice 2 (13 mins)

Find the Gap (noticing the spaces between thoughts – 11 mins)

Labelling thoughts (8 mins)

Finding the Universal Stillness (12 mins)

Stop, Drop and Feel Good (9 mins)

Body-Scan Practice (8 mins)

From thinking to calm and focus (11 mins)

From thinking to stillness (12 mins)

Name it to tame it (working with strong emotions – 12 mins)

Exploring difficult emotions with attention – 12 mins

See Hear Feel (an eyes open practice for daily life – 8 mins)

Finding Rest (soaking into stillness – 10 mins)

New (noticing each new moment as it arises – 9 mins)

Gone (noticing each moment as it passes away – 10 mins)

Just like me (finding common ground with difficult people – 6 mins)

Loving Kindness (generating compassion for self and others – 10 mins)

Going Deeper

Full Stop – 8 mins

Discovering the Witness – 14 mins

Self-Enquiry – 11 mins

Mindfulness for Kids

10 Minute Daily Check-in Practice

The Rubber Stamp Practice

Short Body-Scan Practice for Deep Relaxation and Sleep

Take a Mindful S.E.A.T. (To develop self-awareness – 6 mins)

Balloon Breathing (for focus, calm and regulating emotions – 8 mins)

Three Wishes (to encourage empathy and connection – 8 mins)