Join me at the Mill House for a Yaza, a special all-night session of traditional sitting and walking meditation.

A Yaza is the Zen practice of ‘extra sitting’ and refers to the practice of meditating through the night, above and beyond the daily routine. It’s a unique opportunity to sit with your mind and body as it hovers on the brink of sleep, cultivating focus, presence and equanimity. A Yaza is both a challenge and a unique opportunity to make break-throughs in your practice.

The session includes a vegetarian evening meal, followed by a talk and then sitting and walking meditation through the night, finishing at breakfast.

Date: Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd March 2024

Time: 6pm – 9am

Price: £65.00 (includes dinner and breakfast)

Location: The Mill House, Old Castletown Road, Santon

How to Book: Please email to receive payment details.