I have just finished the 6 week course with Mike and found it very inspiring – Mike explained mindfulness in a very simple manner and i must say I was sorry to see it end – I would recommend this course to every one! Thanks. Dominic


I realized that my thought process has become a creature of habit. But allowing a combination of mindfulness & my energies into my life, it has shown me a peaceful, nurturing mind set. Doesn’t happen overnight, watch out for distractions, but most importantly absorb and work with who/what you can. Moria


I attended your workshop at Karma yesterday – thank you, it was a brilliant afternoon. You taught us practical skills with humour and you were so down to earth. Katy


The meditation has been difficult at times, but I don’t think I would be where I am if I had not met with you and learnt the mindfulness practice. James


Mindfulness has shown me how to see the world for what it is, the only real way to find happiness is when the mind is still. By doing this practice you start to see beauty in all things and in all people. In the drop-in we also do compassion training, since doing this I have […]


The message is simple, almost so simple that at first you don’t believe something so easy could have such a profound effect on your everyday life. I found the mindfulness course gave me the chance to relax and reflect. Mike is a great teacher, putting you immediately at ease and delivering the message with clarity […]


The day retreat affords you the time to absorb the taught practice, and fully experience what is meant by ‘Mindfulness’. The combination of wonderful stories, meditative practice by a professional and compassionate teacher, facilitates an experience that promotes personal growth. I will certainly attend more of ‘My Free Mind’s’ courses, as I was fully supported […]


My everyday life, like many others, is hectic. Juggling everything has meant paying a toll – migraines and chronic pain in my shoulders. I didn’t go to ‘My Free Mind’ for this reason, I went to give someone a lift and rather than wait for an hour and a half in the freezing cold to […]


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will endeavour to keep practicing. I feel a lot calmer in myself and my focus on the now, rather than on what has gone on and what could happen, has certainly given me a new perspective on life and calmed my thoughts. I am actually sleeping better and deeper. […]


I found the mini retreat a unique experience, a chance to spend the day with like minded people in a relaxing atmosphere and use the skills learned during the weekly sessions to really tune into the mind and body and go a bit deeper. At the end of the day I was left with the […]