How long will you live a limited version of yourself? Do you want to liberate yourself from the obstacles that hold you back…to completely heal…to relinquish from those who no longer serve you…to honour the moment and be free to achieve your goals…to recognise that you are all you need. Then come and meet your true self.

Fresh from his talk at the recent Mindful Mann Festival, Sufi Mystic, Teacher and Author Zahir Khan will be giving a talk at Noa Bakehouse, on the Sufi science of Self-Realisation and offering a real-life spirituality which is available here and now.

About Zahir:

Zahir Khan is a contemporary mystic in the tradition of Sufism. Having spent eight years studying with a master of the Qadriyya school of sufism and having received instruction in the Qadri, Suhrawardi, Naqshbandi and Chishti ways and then further studying and meeting teachers from the Nondual, Advaita and Buddhist traditions. Zahir is well versed in many different traditions and as such looks to demystify spirituality, offering instead a practical reality which can be applied to every aspect of an individual’s experience.

Zahir travels nationally and internationally, talking to various groups, companies and individuals, leading workshops and helping people from all walks of life progress on their spiritual journeys. Now a published author, he recently spoke at his book launch at Watkins Books in London, and has previously been interviewed by podcasts such as Buddha at the Gas Pump, Never Not Here and Urban Guru Café.

Zahir’s new book, Falling into the Mystery, is available through Amazon: https://goo.gl/QOypWo

Date: Thursday 29th November 2018

Time: 7pm-9pm

Venue: Noa Bakehouse, Fort Street, Douglas, Isle of Man

Tickets: Tickets are £10.00 and available to buy at Noa Bakehouse.

Zahir’s website is www.fallingintothemystery.com