This very body is the Buddha
– Zen Master Hakuin.

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How do you relate to your body?

For many of us our experience of this body is filtered through a life-time of thoughts, memories, stories and beliefs which limit us in some way. We don’t feel the body, we think it.Yet once we dive beneath the mind we find a whole new world of aliveness, wholeness and intelligence which is always present and direct. This is where our inherent wisdom and Buddhahood resides.

Join Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley for this special 1-day workshop to explore a series of somatic practices to plumb the profound depths of this ancient wise body, inviting us into deep states of rest, unity and realisation. This workshop is ideal for yogis and meditators interested in deepening their practice, as well as individuals who feel pulled towards a deeper understanding of mind, body and world.

Date: Saturday 26th November 2022

Time: 09.30 – 17.00

Venue: Brightlife Learning Centre & Spa, Brightlife, Isle of Man

Price: £125.00 (includes lunch, teas and coffees)

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