Mindfulness is the art of living in the present moment. This ancient method of mind training creates a fresh, open and non-judgemental relationship to our thoughts and emotions.

It is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and suffering, whilst cultivating happiness, positivity, perspective and profound peace.

It has been used by contemplative traditions such as Buddhism for millennia, but today we can find it being used by multinational businesses such as Google, Olympic athletes, Schools, Prisons, the Military, and anyone interested discovering a more skilful way to relate to their thoughts and feelings without being dominated by them.

Mindfulness requires no beliefs, but offers simple practices which shift our attention away from habitual and destructive ways of thinking and allow us to experience directly the freedom of the present moment. To live a life established in Mindfulness is to live from a place of spaciousness, clarity and calm.

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5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

10 Minute Breath Awareness Meditation