Train your Brain,
Transform you Mind,
Open your World.

Mindfulness is an ancient yet profound method of mind-training backed by cutting edge neuroscience. This 6-week Mindfulness Training Course is based on my own experience of over 20 years of Meditation, self-exploration and self-inquiry and aims to revolutionise people’s lives by training and developing the following internal skill-set:

If you would like to join me for the March-April 6-Week Training Course then please see the details below.

Dates: Tuesday 2nd March – Tuesday 6th April 2021

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

Price: £115.00 (Includes course handouts)

How to register: email or call 376856
Please note that places are limited and early booking is recommended.

All sessions are held via zoom

Recent Feedback

This has given me a whole new perspective on life and now feel better equipped to take anything on with calm and ease. I now feel healthier and happier.

– Mark

Mindfulness has been like a door opening for me. Before the six weeks course, most of the time at work I was anxious to the point of feeling sick and the anxiety was causing very draining insomnia. Now after completing the course my anxiety levels are more under control and I’m sleeping a lot better as a result. I cannot recommend trying Mindfulness enough to anybody suffering with anxiety as its changed my life.

– Alan

It’s like going to therapy, only I am helping myself with this deeper awareness. I feel like I know myself more. thank you.

– Natalie

The outcome for me wasn’t enlightenment, but it was a clarity and understanding of who was really in control of my life and……. it turned out that it wasn’t my mind that had been playing tricks on me for so long.  If only I’d know this sooner. I have come away from Mike’s courses better armed to manage my mind and my life.

– Paul

I recommend the six week mindfulness course with Mike , it has helped me with my PDSD, reduced my anxieties and enabled me to live for the moment. I have also started noticing things that have been staring me in the face for years.

– Polly

I’d like to thank you again for my mindfulness awakening. I feel like my mind is slowly being freed from the suffocating constrains of anxiety. Now I remember to stop and breathe, to find my anchor and let thoughts go as quickly as they come into my head. I’ve learnt to embrace life again.

– Jessica