25th January 2022

Train your mind and transform your life

Mindfulness is an ancient yet profound method of mind-training backed by cutting edge neuroscience. This 6-week Mindfulness Training Course is based on my own experience of over 20 years of Meditation, self-exploration and self-inquiry and aims to revolutionise people’s lives by training and developing the following internal skill-set:

– Concentration Power (Enhanced attention & focus)
– Present Moment Awareness (Living here and now)
– Metacognitive Awareness (Awareness of thoughts)
– Mental Clarity and Calm (A still, spacious, silent mind)
– Deep rest and relaxation (Experiencing the body as a safe, pleasant and restful place)
– Compassion and and Self-Care (Developing Positive Emotions for ourselves and others)
– Emotional Resilience (Tolerating, penetrating & dissolving discomfort and negative emotions)
– Recognising experience as impermanent (Life is flow)
– Integrating Mindfulness skills into our daily activities
(Mindfulness in action)

If you would like to join me for the forthcoming Jan-March Training Course then please see the details below.

Dates: Tuesday 25th January to Tuesday 1st March 2022

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

Venue: The Meeting Room, Onchan Community Centre, School Road, Onchan.

Price: £150.00 (Includes course handouts, links to guided practices and certificate of attendance)

Click here to book your place

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