I took part in the 6 weeks mindfulness course and it has really helped me to get in tune with myself. At the start I really struggled to sit still and mediate for anything more than a minute without being distracted. However, six weeks down the line after practicing most days I am now able to sit for over 20 minutes and I feel that it has really helped me relax. I am now more calm and much less stressed. It has also helped me recognise that I need to be more responsible for myself and for my actions and words. I feel like it is the start of something really amazing for me. I would recommend it to anyone. Mike is a great teacher and he is really approachable so I know that I can always ask him if I am struggling with something in particular. I really can’t wait to take part in more workshops, courses and retreats in the future. It’s amazing how much I have grown spiritually in such a short space of time.