Train your Brain,
Transform you Mind,
Open your World.

Mindfulness is an ancient yet profound method of mind-training backed by cutting edge neuroscience. This 6-week Mindfulness Training Course is based on my own experience of over 20 years of Meditation, self-exploration and self-inquiry and aims to revolutionise people’s lives by training and developing the following internal skill-set:

– Concentration Power (Enhanced attention & focus)

– Present Moment Awareness (Living here and now)

– Metacognitive Awareness (Awareness of thoughts)

– Mental Clarity and Calm (A still, spacious, silent mind)

– Deep rest and relaxation (Experiencing the body as a safe, pleasant and restful place)

– Compassion and and Self-Care (Developing Positive Emotions for ourselves and others)

– Emotional Resilience (Tolerating, penetrating & dissolving discomfort and negative emotions)

– Recognising experience as impermanent (Life is flow)

– Integrating Mindfulness skills into our daily activities
(Mindfulness in action)

If you would like to join me for the November 6-Week Training Course then please see the details below.

Dates: Tuesday 12th January – Tuesday 16th February 2021

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

All sessions will be held via zoom.

Price: £115.00 (Includes course handouts)

How to register: email or call 376856

Please note that places are limited and early booking is recommended.

What are people saying about this course? 

This six week course has literally transformed my life and I would recommend it to everyone without exception.
– Denise

From my own personal experience after focusing on mindfulness for the last 6 weeks, I now believe that it is an invaluable practice. Its not only about following your breath, quieting the mind or relieving stress but realizing the beauty, peacefulness and flow of the present moment.
– James

I now appreciate how insignificant yet suffocating our thoughts can be and how hugely significant we all are as human beings, if we only chose to spend more time in a state of awareness. If you want to snap out of an old state of mind and awaken your mind and your body, Mike is the perfect alarm clock!”
– Voirrey

I originally booked a 6 week course with Mike, but I started to see results after just 1 or 2 sessions; now mindfulness is a big part of my life and I always dedicate 10 to 20 minutes every day to practice. What Mike taught me is easy for anyone to follow and the benefits are huge; I would highly recommend Mike to everyone and anyone.
– Ian

After Mike’s 6 week Mindfulness course, I felt I had a reservoir of calm to call upon should someone ‘press my buttons’ or a potentially stressful situation arise. I learned how to relax properly for the first time, and had the most creative and productive year so far!
– Laura

Doing these sessions with Mike has made me realise that life is as simple as you make it – our minds are responsible for so much unnecessary anguish and drama- who wouldn’t want to be able to tap into this and just calm it… calm it down. You can’t achieve this on a wholesome level with medication and drugs. The human brain is capable of so much more than we know… it’s good to trust it once in a while. Thank you so much Mike.
– Sarah

The message is simple, almost so simple that at first you don’t believe something so easy could have such a profound effect on your everyday life.
– Mark.