Going Nowhere Slowly

Walk softly and be amazed. In the chaos of our busy lives speed is of the essence and so we can’t always afford to consciously slow our pace, or pack the shopping bags in glorious hyper-real slow-motion. We may pride ourselves on being able to whizz through our days ticking off the tasks as we […]

Roll Rage.

You can’t bear the bite of a flea: how will you endure the bite of a snake? In appearance I am ruining your work, but in reality I am making a thorn into a rose-garden – Rumi. Fear doesn’t just kill our capacity to think clearly and rationally, it also freezes our heart. It constricts […]

Train Your Doggone Mind.

As a nation of dog lovers we spend a staggering 15.6 billion a year on training and caring for our precious pets. I often ask Dog owners what the consequence would be of living with an untrained Alsation or Labrador? The answer is: Total chaos. It’s strange that we spend time, money and energy training our dogs to […]