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Tools For Freedom

From Mindfulness to Insight

This is an advanced 8-week Mindfulness course for those interested in deepening their practice, opening the heart and developing insight and wisdom.

The practices established in the 6-week course will be built upon and expanded further as we investigate the themes of impermanence, emptiness, compassion and self, resulting in a palpable sense of inner freedom, connection and beauty.

Course Testimonials:

“It makes your practice feel fuller and richer and therefore your life feels fuller and richer. If you enjoyed the first course then you’ll love the second one”.


“I cannot recommend this course enough, and want to say thank you Mike for opening my eyes to the incredible beauty that is all around us and that we are part of!”


Dates: From Monday 1st February to Monday 21st March 2016

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: The Pilates Studio, The Viking Longhouse, Peel

Price: £160.00

How to Book: Please email mike@myfreemind.im or call 376856 to book your place.

*Please note that this advanced course is aimed at those who have already completed the introductory 6-week course, a similar introductory course, or have a daily practice which includes cultivating Loving Kindness.