The Living Moment: Online Advanced Mindfulness Course

The Living Moment:
Advanced Mindfulness Course for
Radical Presence, Transformation and Insight.

– You are the Adventure –

Join me for this advanced 6-Week Training Course and discover the transformative power of the living moment. This course follows on from my popular 6-week Training Course which has been attended by thousands of people interested in optimising their lives.

The Living Moment Course will enable you to deepen both your practice and your understanding, dissolving the barriers between meditation, awakening and ordinary life.

Each weekly session includes a 45 minute silent sitting practice and an exploration of core themes including Presence, Healing, Transformation, Interconnectivity, Flow, No-Self and Awakening.

This course is aimed at practitioners who want to dive deeper into their Mindfulness practice and discover how to meet each moment from a place of radical acceptance, freedom and joy.

Dates: From Wednesday 27th January – Wednesday 3rd March 2021.

Time: 7pm – 9pm

All sessions will be held online, via zoom.

Price: £115.00

How to register: Please email to register.

**Some level of previous Mindfulness practice is required for this course. It is not suitable for complete beginners.

**Places are limited and bookings are taken on a first come first served basis.

Recent Feedback:

I found the ‘Living Moment’ (deeper mindfulness) Course to be a wonderful journey of experience and self discovery, each segment beautifully connected and expertly guided by Mike Kewley himself. Shortly after starting the course I was asking the questions, “who am I? What am I?” and by the end of the this liberating and most interesting 6 week course, those questions had been answered. Mindfulness has had a profound effect on me and I would best describe this course as an awakening. Thank you Mike.
– A.C.

The changes I have seen and felt in myself are simply incredible. Having learnt to step back and to get out of my own way, I have discovered the art of simply “being” and the indescribable beauty that is true peace. When I rest in that pause, I know I have come home. Finally. Thank you, Mike, for showing me the way.
– Lou.

The outcome for me wasn’t enlightenment, but it was a clarity and understanding of who was really in control of my life and……. it turned out that it wasn’t my mind that had been playing tricks on me for so long. If only I’d know this sooner. I have come away from Mike’s courses better armed to manage my mind and my life.
– Paul.

I enjoyed attending your advanced mindfulness course. Throughout, you were knowledgeable and confident, with a calm, measured delivery of the material. You kept everyone involved and handled questions well. The course helped me to explore who I am and what I am in a deep and meaningful way, and gave me tools and techniques to take my exploration further.
– Steve.