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New Years message (do your homework)

We carry within us all of the destruction and violence we see in the world around us. Inside each of us lies a tyrant or dictator waiting to be born. But we also carry within us the new Buddha’s and Christ’s, the future saviours – the hero’s and heroines humanity is waiting for.

What we wish to become is alive within us even as we read these words.

But to call forth the genuine human being who knows herself as life itself, intimate with all people, places and things, we need to get serious and do our homework.

We cannot afford to sit back and wait for inner-transformation or outer change to simply happen. We must act in our best interests and give ourselves the very best chance of tasting permanent joy, freedom and enlightenment.

Your life will change when you have the courage to see clearly where you are stuck, and then do whatever is necessary to move forward: meditation, yoga, prayer, surrender, therapy, counselling, exercise, diet, career change, travel and adventure.

The more we can work on ourselves, dissolving ourselves and our sense of separation from the world we encounter, the more effective, loving, creative, insightful, joyful and fearless our experience of ourselves will be, acting as a magnet for others and inspiring and enlightening them in turn.

We are not born just for ourselves, but for the whole world. The more we awaken from the dream of self and taste the fearless heart of life, the more we transform others, simply by being ourselves, our ordinary majestic divine selves.

There is no world, there is only your world. Change that, and you change everything.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and transformative New Year.

Mike x


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